gratitude-a-thon day 660: da plane, da plane


What would my immigrant great grandparents think of being able to get into a slab of metal as long as a city block and find yourself across the country? it still amazes me that planes work, that they somehow stay in the air, and get you places it would take a gazillion hours to drive a car, or take a train, or walk to get to.

if I really wanted to freak my great grandparents out, I would tell them that I am typing on a machine on the plane, that will broadcast my words all over the world. Oh look, one of them just died.

The rest of them would die over the fact that you can watch movies and get like hundreds of tv channels, too. Not to mention go to the bathroom.

What can’t I even imagine that will be a total given, a complete taken-for-granted something, something when my great grandchildren are talking about moi?


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