gratitude-a-thon day 665: all hail


It’s electrifying to experience new things. A few weeks ago I finally got to make the death defying drive along the coast from L.A. to San Francisco, and see for myself the rocky, natural beauty of the California coast. It opened up a new pleasure center, inspired a part of me that had been asleep. But yesterday, yesterday I saw something that made my mouth hang open like my facial muscles were on vacation in Hawaii and gave me that women-with-too-much-botox look of surprise. I saw fucking golf balls fall out of the sky in the form of ice. Yup, August 3, it looked to me like locust could be next.


But aside from the fact that this was just absolutely bizarre married to ridiculous, it was kind of thrilling to witness something I’d NEVER seen before. My brain couldn’t process the data my eyeballs were sending in. “Does not compute,” my brain was saying. “I don’t make this shit up, I just report what I see.” my eyes were shouting back.

It really did feel like an out of body experience, because in my whole LIFE  I’ve never, and I mean NEVER seen anything like that, but at the same time it was kind of exciting to see something so incongruous to the date on the calendar, and everything I know to be right. It sort of wakes you up to the power that’s beyond our control–MISS MOTHER NATURE. Within 30 minutes, the sun was back out, and aside from dented cars, and leaves and branches all over the place, things had returned to a normal-ish state. But for that like, six or so minutes, I was in another world, and it was all sorts of interesting.

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