gratitude-a-thon day 669: his hair is stupid and so is he


There are some things that happen that make me wonder about my fellow man.

Like theater shootings, the fact that to some  black lives don’t matter, dog haters, and Donald Trump supporters.

That man with that hair has spewed so many pompous, insulting, just plain stupid things in his bid for president, that it’s hard to believe anyone could take him seriously as a candidate, let alone actually support him.

While I’ve never been a fan, I am impressed by the fact that he can consistently embarrass himself every time he opens his mouth. And more impressive is that there are people who LOVE him. WHAT IS THAT? WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE? Are they the same dudes that don’t believe in climate change?

I’m normally always grateful for a good laugh, but Donald Trump isn’t funny. And less funny are those who would like to put him in the oval office.

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