gratitude-a-thon day 672: out of your control

Muir Woods.

Love is a slippery chameleon, a wondrous glimmer, a blinding lightning bolt. It can make you trip and fall, or float and giggle. It is a shiny penny in a sea of drab, a flutter in your chest, a waterfall in a sea of green. It’s rare and it’s common. It’s here and it’s over there. It has levels and depths and can be sneaky and stealth. It’s adept at making itself known in the wee hours, when you are alone and your heart speaks the truth. Its character is true blue, except when it’s not. It has plans to take over the world. And could. But it is only 360 happy when it sees its own reflection.


It encompasses our spirit, our underneath, our intricate biological make-up. It wants to spread itself thin, to rule, to touch as many lives as it can. But it can be elusive too, play hide and seek, come in and out of the room. It can haunt, and taunt, and hurt. It can disappear over time, but make no mistake love is tenacious when it finds a comfortable seat.

When all is said and done, in its purest form, it will make its home in you whether you like it or not. It can overpower even the strongest. You can try and distract it, and shoo it away, run it out of town. But when it lands, when it fits, when it is truly in its correct place, it stays put, its feet on the ground, its arms open wide.

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