gratitude-a-thon day 676: don’t worry


It’s hard to keep perspective in well, perspective.

There are days where the news positively slays me. I think, how can we, what are we doing, how will we continue?

Other days, I don’t notice. I let the world’s issues slide off me like rain slides off my polka-dot raincoat. I am teflon.

I do realize it’s up to me what I let in, what I focus on, what I allow myself to perseverate on.

Is the world worse off if you’re not worrying about it? I think awareness is essential, but having a list in your head of things you can’t actually do anything about that can completely steal your zen doesn’t seem that intelligent. You need a mental colander to sift through what is actually important, what you can change vs. what you can’t do a darn thing about.

Worrying can wreck you. You really need to put it in the sugar category, and do what you can to cut down.

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