gratitude–a-thon day 677: homebound luxuries


My kindle. Vanity Fair (that article about Tinder and mobile dating sites was enough to make you want to move to the freaking MOON). Netflix. My memory foam pillow. The NY Times. The New Yorker. Sleeping. The Huffington Post, Gawker, TMZ, People, Dooce, funniest mommy bloggers, NPR. Riley, Special K, Skinny Pop popcorn, Kind Bars. Sleeping. G-Mail, eBay, ShopStyle, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Decor8blog, Google, Facebook. Sleeping. Words with Friends, Word bubbles, Snapseed, Instagram. My blinds.


These are the things that have gotten me through a week of being sick during a heat wave when I feel not only like I want to die and might, but like I am missing out on the fleeting preciosity of summer. There are worse things (and much better things). Gosh darn gratitude goes to my cozy bed, my air conditioning, and the comforts of technology.

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