gratitude-a-thon day 685: Welcome to Boston

The Strandbeests walked, or actually had to be pushed. They were plenty cool, though.

I’ve lived in Boston a long time. Like since Paul Revere rode through the streets. I used to know the city intimately, could drive anywhere. But once the Big Dig happened and one wrong turn could land you in New Hampshire, I sort of stopped going downtown. But what was happening while I was letting the reorganization spook me was evident last night. We went to the Greenway to see the Strandbeests walk (truth be known, they had to be pushed because there was not a bit of wind), and go to the North End for dinner with friends. But it was anything but an ordinary Friday night, it was totally electric, with public art dotting the city like snowflakes in February.

First of all, weather is everything. A nice night could make a dark alley attractive, but add the smell of the sea, and miles of art, a carousel and scads of peopleĀ eating and drinking at outdoor restaurants, and you’ve got a place you want to call home (hey, it actually is my home!).

I fell in love with Boston last night. All over again. What a great city. Boston Strong might have to be replaced with Boston Amazing.

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