gratitude-a-thon day 710: everything at the same time


A baby is born. A family wakes up with no food. A cloud disappears. A tree turns from a verdant green to a shock of yellow. A puppy leaves the warmth of its mom. A film finale blows everybody’s mind. A man gets down on his knee to and asks, “Will you marry me?” A texting driver kills three people. Peace wins. A spider weaves an artistically impressive web. Cancer strikes again. Flooding takes out a neighborhood.


Someone who works in a factory wins the lottery. A truck breaks down. The sun comes up. The pothole that almost ate your car gets fixed. More refugees find a place to be free. A pretend-politician says more stupid things. A piece of art is created. Weight is lost. Love is found. It is the first day of a brand new job. Music is made. A horrific crime is committed. A sacred piece of jewelry is lost. An acceptance letter is delivered. A dancer leaps onto the scene. A flower is planted. A war begins. A room gets a new coat of paint. A lamp sheds light. A marriage ends. A story begins.


Life keeps happening in simultaneous moments of spectacular and spectacularly bad, and all that is in between. Sometimes you’re  the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. And the only thing you have control over is the way in which you react. And that is all. That is all.

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