gratitude-a-thon day 717: when it’s there, but you don’t see it


Sometimes I pretend I’ve never been to where I live before. (With the way my memory is going, it might not be a game soon.) Anyway, I walk around as if I were someone from a completely different country, and ask myself what I see. Because the thing is, there are lots of pretty things around me, and sometimes I completely miss them because I’m so used to them, so as a reminder I play the “foreign visitor” game and I see my surroundings in a new and different light


Yesterday I did it at Jamaica Pond. This place is really beautiful, but often I forget to take in its good looks and charm, on account of I’m exercising. One foot in front of the other, busy, busy, busy. But today, I just looked around as I walked, and took in all it had on display. Because of the Holiday weekend, it didn’t have the usual crowds, which was helpful for my little game.  I imagine there are lots and lots of people leaf peeping up North. It was nice. I really liked what I saw. I’m going back tomorrow to appreciate it all over again. Sometimes you need a reset to see what’s right in front of you.

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