gratitude-a-thon day 719: always learning


Today, when I was walking around the Brookline reservoir, without music, so I could try and quiet my mind and take in my surroundings, I was, of course, amazed by the colors of the trees. Deep burgundy red, bright sunny yellow, A VERY SERIOUS ORANGE, and then a whole bunch of lesser shades, serving as co-stars.

Summer is my thing. I like things that are growing, green, and vibrant, not getting ready to say sayonnara,  Even though the leaves are really walking the runway in couture colors, right before they take a dive to their grassy graves, all super powered, and hallucinogenically bright, I’ll take fertile avocado, over the romance of fall’s pallette any day.

Brookline Reservoir (41 of 89)
(Photo CredzMax Stern Photograpy)

But it did make me stop today, and think. Are the leaves showing their true colors in the summer, or the fall? What is it they feel best wearing? It never occurred to me that they wouldn’t be with me, excited by the various greens that pop up in the spring and summer, and not the swan song box of colors they sport in the fall. Makes me realize I always have to make sure that I look at all perspectives, and not just think mine is the one that’s right. #nevertoooldtolearnsomethingnew.

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