gratitude-a-thon day 744: gratitude topped with mashed potatoes


Happy official day of gratitude! Damn, I love this day. Course number one reason is because of its thankfulness slant, but number two, practically almost edging out number one is: MASHED POTATOES.

Not really, but sort of. Really, it’s the gratitude. (But the mashed potatoes…..). I am way too invested in the potato situation this year. I need to reboot this day and get back to the gratitude before I gain 10 cyber pounds.

Anyway, I hope that you are with  people you love, or at least like (or just don’t hate), and that you have too much food, or enough food, or at least some mashed potatoes, and that you really think about all that you have that is good, and none of the stuff that is bad. Just for today.

I mean, why do you think this is the favorite holiday of millions of people, including me? It’s because feeling gratitude makes you feel good. (It could also be the mashed potatoes, but not completely, could it?).

Happy thanksgiving to all, and to all some love, friendship, gratitude and of course, mashed potatoes.




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