gratitude-a-thon day 746:they come and they go


In the past several days, I have eaten enough to feed a small Italian village.  And I am grateful for every morsel. My jeans, not so much.

I love having my boy home. But he just left again. And I am lying in bed, with my coffee, the temperature a depressing 28 degrees.

I contemplate what next Thanksgiving will feel like. So much crazy excitement at having both my kids home, and so much sadness when they both pack up and leave again. This is college parenting. They come and they go. And every time, your heart shatters just a little, and it takes you a minute to readjust. Well, more than a minute. Without modern technology, I’d be in a corner drowning in my own tears. But with texting and FaceTime and email, and the ability to call them from anywhere, anytime, it’s like having kids, but without all the laundry.



I love you, Jake and Ally. Damn, I LOVE YOU.


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