gratitude-a-thon day 758: you’re grounded

ground roots

To be grounded. To plant yourself on the good earth. This is money.

Sometimes my mind soars, and my body races, and I become untethered to the things that mean the most to me. Being too busy, carrying around a cavernous sack of stress, watching too much news can make me forget what matters.

When I’m floaty like this, I  have been taught to stand or sit and concentrate on the fact that my feet are on the ground. I think about how they hold me up. I pretend they are reaching down into the middle of the earth. This is what I do when I’m flying too fast, when I’m getting ahead of myself, when I’m a helium balloon  accidentally let go and heading for Mars.

I ground down. Into the earth. Plant myself like a precious flower. It works.

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