gratitude-a-thon day 769:slugfest over


Monday morning. After a week of holiday indulgence that could feed a small town. Too much laying around. Too much tv series binging. Too much NOT EXERCISING.

Paying the piper here this morning, with a Christmas tree of ornaments that needs to be taken down, enough recycling to save the planet (I wish), dead white flowers in the dozen or so vases, scattered around the house.

Endings are decidedly not fun.

Hanging lazily around the house with no “to do” list, now that was fun. The way the days were allowed to be pointless, and food laden, and non-productive. I think this, this is the stuff of  productivity.

I know once I get into “beginning” mode, and embrace this new year, I will love the thing. The newness of of a six vs. a five, a clean desk, a tidy kitchen, two new rugs, my yoga class back on from break, some juicy new work projects. Yes, ’16 will be a good year.

If I can just get to Tuesday.


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