gratitude-a-thon day 785: i didn’t win, but someone did


The bad news: I dd not win the Powerball. The good news: three people did.

And yahoo, yippee for those people. I mean, it’s is it not your greatest fairytale to win a bazillion dollars and do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do? I would walk into Barney’s and say, “I’ll take everything.” I’d instantly book a lavish vacation to Tahiti, followed by a world tour of the, well, world, have a solid week devoted to jewelry shopping,  set my siblings up for life, give all my friends a hefty check, help my favorite charities. And then, with pomp and circumstance, pay to have Anne Coulter and Donald Trump deported.

Ah yes, the daydreams will persist for me, but for three people, and I really hope they are not the 1%, although I don’t suppose the 1% is jazzed enough to go to Seven Eleven and scratch barely visible numbers on a Powerball ticket to make some extra cash, it’s la vida loca, baby. May good sense, and delirious joy be your futures.


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