gratitude-a-thon day 788: rules of the road


Sometimes when I’m driving I start thinking about how if everybody didn’t obey the rules of the road, a whole bunch of us would be dead, like seven ways until Sunday. I mean, just consider, if one person decided to run a red light, crash, boom, bang, accident. Or if a person on the highway just decided to stop in the middle of a lane, while the rest of us were going 75, instantaneous doom.

When things really suck in the world, and you’re listening to endless sound bites from the crazy ass republican candidates, and terrorist threats, and stock market lunacy, isn’t it just amazing to consider how we somehow get along when we’re driving, and actually have enough respect for one another, that we can all get to where we’re going safely?

How does that work, I wonder? Because if we could figure it out and apply the theory to all the ways in which we don’t get along, and don’t respect each other, damn, I’m thinking things would be a lot better.

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