gratitude-a-thon day 811: fashion week: the sky


This bit of extrorodinary nature is by Jocelyn Hutt.

Around five o’clock-ish last night, Peter called to tell me to look out the window. There are a lot of tall houses in my neighborhood, and the direction he told me to look was mostly blocked, but I could vaguely see some yellow in the sky. I wish I’d gotten off my fat ass and gone out in search of a better view. Because holy shit.


Thanks, Laura Bradford.


Later on Facebook, there was a better view. A whole bunch of better views, in fact. And man am I grateful for that, because I’ve actually never seen anything like what the sky did yesterday. I mean, you get a pink sunset frequently and it always knocks me out, sort of a dreamy pink that’s ethereal and calming. And I’ve always been a little bit crazy for that color blue that happens at twilight, but a sky that shoots a strip of sun that reflects onto the trees and makes them yellow? Nope, I’ve never seen that before.

I hate winter, but this bit of winter–totally worth the inconvenience of the whole season.


Nice one, Linda Smith.


And when things settled, there was this. Thanks, Eka Marineli!




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