gratitude-a-thon day 813: who knows: crazy beautiful life


My God, life is curvy, and unpredictable, and uphill, and a fucking mess.

And at the same time, it’s magnificent, and amazing, and that first perfect sip of morning coffee, and brilliant, and exciting, and major blue sky.


You never know what it will be. Sometimes you think you’re at cruising altitude, and you’ve got your headphones on, and your movie all cued up, and a blanket, and you’re not sitting next to someone who smells funny, or is taking up some of your seat, or snores, and you have some super salty nuts (man, I love super salty nuts), and then, those oxygen masks fall down and the whole plane starts doing the watusi.

The thing is you never even see it coming–the watusi plane.

Conversely, you can be walking down the street, going to the bank, and you can bump into someone who might change your life. You might fall in mad, deep, and passionate love. You might get a brand new amazing job. Go on a trip that completely opens your eyes to a new way of thinking. You might find out your having a baby. You might have some sort of epiphany that rocks your Kasbah. You might bite into the best thing your tongue has ever had the pleasure of meeting.


You just don’t know. What the day will be. Grateful for the ups and downs. For the ride. For the complexity, pain, and love in the world. No matter what, grateful for my life.


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