gratitude-a-thon day 826: small bites friday

Whole Foods just got a whole lot of shit for this. I pay their prices, so I feel entitled to make fun of them.


Is that a white leather jacket? Damn, I want that thing.


If looking good is the best revenge, Megyn Kelly got hers last night. She is really some kind of beautiful (not to mention very smart). The rest of the debacle, however, was ugly Betty. I could only watch  two minutes, in which I saw at least eight of Trump’s pre-school faces, and had to turn away for fear of projectile vomiting on my new rug.

Mitt may have never secured the nomination, but he had his best political moment yesterday, with that anti-Donald (duck) speech.

Can’t wait to see this movie. Man, I love Tina.

mom-braids-unbelievably-intricate-hairstyles-every-morning-before-school-16__700Back in the day we wore two pigtail braids. We were underprivelaged.

House of Cards is coming, and has eerily accurate ESP.

If Lady Edith does not get her happy ending, I am going to have to kill Lady fucking Mary. That’s all I’m going to say about that. #byedownton.


I am always putting words in Riley’s mouth, so of course this kind of thing makes me run for my Depends Undergarments.

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