gratitude-a-thon day 829: phoning it in


In the department of shallow and useless. Showing that gratitude lives wherever you find it on any given day, damn I am happy about my new phone.

About six months ago, my iphone dove out of the back pocket of my jeans, escaping into the toilet for a swim, right before Peter and I were going to the movies. I attempted to bring it back to life by plunging it into a bag of rice, which I hoped would act ike an on-scene paramedic team, while I was watching the movie. When the film was done and I checked for a pulse, it was a goner. I did what any red-blooded American woman or man who has become totally dependent on technology would do, and went directly to the AT&T store for a new phone. I wasn’t excited about having a 6 in the least. I loved my little phone, and I especially loved the case, which I couldn’t duplicate in the larger size (why don’t they make cute plus size clothes, anyway?) In the morning, my 5 was working just like new. Ally, however was squawking about her cracked screen, and so we went back to the AT&T store, and switched identities, and that was that.

But recently, the phone has been acting wonky, running out of battery well before it should be, flickering on and off. I decided to make a pre-emptive strike and retire it. I stole my son’s upgrade (although the whole upgrade thing hardly matters anymore), and got myself a 6, and a bigger memory, too (which I could also use, but they do not do brain surgery at the AT&T store, but don’t think I didn’t ask).

Anyway, wow. I didn’t realize how really nice this phone is. Funny, how just six months ago I had no interest in it, but now, I’m all over having this new bit of computer wizardry. I  am trying to take good care of this one, and have put signs up in all the bathrooms, “No Swimming.” 1-800-gratitude.

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