gratitude-a-thon day 833: yum



This funny little guy was overseeing our dinner.


Good morning, Brookline Village! New restaurant alert: Wow Barbecue, And it is. It is pretty wow!

It was a soft opening, so there were kinks to clear up, but the food was great. It’s chinese barbecue, which is not something I’ve ever had before. Fab arugula salad with jicama and carrots and a terrif dressing. And small skewers of meats and vegetables that were perfectly spiced. And lots of other good stuff. It’s across from Town Hall, where that creepy sushi place used to be near the ambulance garage. Funky interior, made to look like a Korean courtyard. Super nice people, too. They were out of tonic for my vodka and tonic, and went and bought some for me! That’s service. And they’re up for takeout, too. It’s going to be a busy spring, I’m putting this place on speed dial.

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