gratitude-a-thon day 842: the sprint

OLY136_new starting block-615

It’s April 1 on Friday, and aside from having to watch out for wacky pranks, it will be the beginning of the sprint. The sprint being the end of the school year, the end of all Brookline school years (we still have plenty of college left, and plenty of PAYING FOR college left). During this sprint, which I am already prepping for, emotions are high, low, and partying like frat boys on spring break. I find myself getting that terror feeling in the middle of my chest, the one that says, “HOLY SHIT, YOUR NEST IS ABOUT TO HAVE A LOT MORE SPACE.

I don’t always do well with transitions. I need a lot of time to prepare for them. There’s something about the inability to force time to stand still that’s really scary. I remember when I turned 4o, Peter and I were going to NYC to stay at the Soho Grand, go to two Broadway shows, and meet one of my great friends for dinner, and we got fogged in at Logan, and after six hours, of our two days away from our kids, we gave up, hightailed it to Pomodoro in the North End, got ourselves a Lobster Claw (a contender for what I want in my mouth upon dying), and booked a fancy room at the Charles Hotel. We watched two movies, and made the best of our time away. When Peter fell asleep, I remember going into the bathroom, looking at my face in the mirror and being paralyzed by the fact that no matter what I did in that moment, I was going to be 40 whether I liked it or not. And the next day I was. And I lived, and it was no big deal, really, and fuck if I wouldn’t like to be 40 again right now!

Anyway, I am so grateful for all these years of school in a community that really cared about my children. On Friday, there is a party for the parents we went to elementary school with. We’ll  celebrate getting our kids through what sometimes felt like 10 billion years, and sometimes felt like four days, of school, together. It will be a good touchstone, a full circle moment. I will laugh with people I’ve known for decades. And more than likely, I will cry some, too. And I will be one step closer to going back to what it was like 21 years ago, before I had kids. Stay tuned. This ought to be interesting. And now, let’s sprint.

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