gratitude-a-thon day 847: Kamilah vs Harvard


Kamilah Willingham, a Harvard law school student told her story of being raped by one of her classmates in the great documentary The Hunting Ground, which I wrote about here. The hallowed halls of Harvard treated Kamilah as so many rape victims are treated–like the guilty party. Well, she’s back, and she’s quite literally throwing the book at HLS.

They don’t get to do this without me coming back swinging, ”
says Kamilah. Her book is called We Believe You.

This is the only real power we have–to tell the truth, even when people and institutions want to keep us quiet. Grateful for the reminder that we always have the choice to fight back by speaking up.  This is a brave girl, and I don’t just believe her, I believe in what she’s doing.

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