gratitude-a-thon day 849: the brilliance of resilience


We all know them–those mom’s who brag about every move their children make. They can do an hour on how well Johnny breathes, for God sakes. It’s tedious, and annoying, and makes me want to tell them both my kids are serving life for a double homicide.

I’ve found, more than being proud of how my kids handle success, it’s how they handle failure that really impresses me.

There’s a lot that can go wrong out there in the world, and having resilience in the face of the poop emoji is the money shot in my book. Yay, your kid got a perfect S.A.T. score, yahoo, they won the Final Four pool. But has your baby faced a crisis? Has your kid been forced to dig down and pull himself to the sun, in the midst of a power outage?

To be able to flourish in the desert heat, learn when all you want to do is be under the covers, continue swimming when your life feels like a nuclear bomb has been dropped on it–that’s the stuff that makes me want to brag, you know, if I were that kind of mom. 

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