gratitude-a-thon day 866: red sox magic


He’s the cutest thing, that Papi.

I’m just going to say it, at the risk of being stoned by haters in front of my house: I don’t always love a Sox game. I adore my hometown team, I’m just not a maniac like the rest of my family or friends. But last night, some good friends asked us to go, and it was one of the MOST FUN GAMES I’ve ever been to. Sometimes things just line up like that. It didn’t hurt that it was their daughter, who I’ve known since she was four’s, twenty first birthday, and they surprised her with awesome seats in front of the dug out, which we went down to at the end of the game, which was a kick, and she got the jumbotron birthday message, and we slaughtered the Yankees.

Plus, you probably know this is Big Papi’s last season before retirement. A huge, burly teddy bear, this leader of Red Sox nation hits homers with an effortlessness that’s just stupid.  I got to see one last night, and it was exactly what you’d want it to be.  Here’s to the guy who said, “This is our fucking city,” in response to the Marathon bombings. It won’t really be the same without him. And of course, a very happy birthday to my girl Ellie! Kind of a great way to say hello to 21, even if you did bring that cute Yankees fan! unnamedunnamed-2unnamed-1


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