gratitude-a-thon day 867: trump, really?

I live in the liberal bubble of Brookline, MA. I recognize that the rest of the country does not live here with me.

But Trump? Really?

I am a die-hard democrat, but I respect the other side, if the other side stands for something more than a bunch of adjectives like “great” and “tremendous.” I will respectfully pay attention to the the other side if it has tangible views on real issues that we’re facing as a country, and not spewing hate, and making disrespectful faces a four year old might vogue when his parents tell him to it’s bed time.

To have come to this point, where Trump is the republican nominee, means that this country is in a place that I can’t even conjure up in my very fertile imagination.

I have clearly lost touch. S.O.S. We need help. Prayer hands emoji here.

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