gratitude-a-thon day 883: progress report


I have two high school graduates now.

Yes, she graduated. Phew!

Intermittent drizzle didn’t dampen the day, it was pretty spectacular. The graduation speaker was Dr. Christopher Vick, the head of the African American Scholars Program at BHS, and as far as I’m concerned, he should be the headmaster of BHS, or the president of the United States. This guy had it going on. Charisma and charm for days. I think he might have been the best graduation speaker I’ve ever seen live. His basic message, delivered with a punch and a smile was to go deep, to really commit. Oh yeah, and to put down your phone, and get off Instagram. He talked about this book Deep Work, which I’m Kindling up as I write.

It’s funny how the classic rituals, like graduation sound and seem cliche, but they’re really an important celebration of everything that has gone wrong and right on the way to getting to cross that stage.

It’s a progress report.

It’s the end, but also the start.



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