gratitude-a-thon day 890: no more

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.00.44 AM

It’s been days since the Pulse horror occurred, and still I can’t get it out of my head. Still, it  makes me feel queasy and unsettled, and angry and sad.

And still, I just don’t understand.

There’s a lot of debate going on as to what the shooters motivations were. Was he himself gay and unable to accept that because of the culture he grew up in? Was he a home grown extremist? Was he acting because of Isis, or was he acting with them?

A friend and I were talking yesterday about which scenario was worse. I think we netted out that every scenario was just bad.

There is only one thing that is certain–unless you’re heading out to war, nobody, but nobody needs an assault weapon.

Gratitude to the filibustering senate democrats for trying to force a vote on gun control yesterday. It’s a start. It’s a small start. Take a look at this awesome NYT editorial. And this one by the Globe.

This is going to keep happening if we don’t all start DEMANDING that there be gun control. Will it be you next time? Someone you love?

We say we’ll take action after every bloody massacre, but we don’t. Let’s not wait for the next one. Because make no mistake about it, if we don’t do something, there will be another. And another.

And another.

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