gratitude-a-thon day 946: Life is Good Kids Foundation is the best of the best

It was raining last night. Hard. Friends invited us to a fundraiser for the Life is Good Kids Foundation. I wanted to get under the blankets and watch Project Runway, while eating a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (best low cal-ish treat EVER, seriously–get up from your computer and go get a box right NOW). I didn’t though, and despite not knowing who Heidi and the gang sent home in real time, I’m glad I didn’t.

Steve Gross, Founder and Chief. Guy is a visionary giver, who is all charismatic goodness.

It’s hard not to be swept up in the positivity, generosity and all-around good nature of this company. These brothers and their staff live and breathe optimism. It’s downright inspiring. What rain?

In addition to selling clothing that promotes a sunny disposition, they are also giving back with the aforementioned Life is Good Kids Foundation (slackers). This wing of the company partners with leading childcare organizations to positively impact the quality of care delivered to the most vulnerable kids out there. They help children from all over the place, from schools and hospitals to homeless shelters.They believe that the single greatest health crisis facing children in America is exposure to adverse childhood experiences, and are doing everything they can to improve the odds for these kids.

John Jacobs, with his brother Bert, began Life is Good. These guys are humble, down-to-earth and like, really good people.

The party was awesome. There was great music, including the band Dispatch, and it was at the cool Artists for Humanity space in South Boston.

Front row seats for a band that’s sold out Madison Square Garden.

Gratitude to a company model that is all about the good stuff–not just talking about it, or printing it on a t-shirt, but getting out there and making it happen. It’s the kind of event that helped me wash off the grime and dirt of the election for a night (and that is a very good thing). Go to the Life is Good website if you need some optimism. Just the experience of clicking through will get you in a better mood. And if you have some time or money for this super worthy cause, the door is open. Attitude and action. Yup.

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