gratitude-a-thon day THANKSGIVING: BE GRATEFUL, BABY!

Grateful for this guy.
And this guy.
And these guys.
And of course, this guy.
IMG_0159 - Version 2.jpg
And these guys.

Today, if you’re lucky, you will sit down with family and friends and a big fat meal of the best foods (including my culinary crush: mashed potatoes). If you are lucky, you will like or love some of the people you are with. If you are really, really lucky, you will laugh at least a couple times, bonus luck if you laugh so hard you wet your pants and have to change them. Thanksgiving is the best holiday, because there are no gifts, just food, just people and just focusing on what is really important– what you are thankful for. Hot damn, I wish this day happened more than once a year.

And these guys, too!

For me, it does (minus the mashed potatoes). I try hard to ground myself by focusing on the things I am grateful for. Sometimes I lose sight, which is when I really need my gratitude practice most. I just start again. It’s always a winning proposition. It never fails me.

I hope you have a spectacular day today. Eat, drink & be grateful. Repeat tomorrow (and everyday).





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