gratitude-a-thon day 995: stay informed: robert reich


I wanted to write about how grateful I was to have gotten so much love on my birthday yesterday, having multiple celebrations and hearing from friends far and wide,  BUT this seemed more important to me.

I can’t help being obsessed by the madness going in our new administration.

IT’S NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT TO STAY INFORMED, and to find and follow qualified people,  who deal with facts and not bullshit (DONALD TRUMP, SEAN SPICER, KELLYANNE CONWAY). This is vital if you are as concerned as I am about where the hell we’re going.

Put Robert Reich in your bookmark bar. This brilliant guy’s got the goods.

My sister called it months ago–we seem to be dealing with a demagogue in the making, people.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 6.53.35 AM.png
Why has Trump instituted a media blackout on the EPA?


Pretty soon Trump’s picture is going to show up in the dictionary next to this definition. No words necessary.





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