gratitude-a-thon day 9006: an apple for the teachers


My sister was a teacher. And my cousin, and my aunt and my uncle. In fact, there were 14 teachers in my family when I was growing up. They were all committed to their kids and to public school. They all worked second jobs in the summer to make up for the money they weren’t making teaching. These people gave it all to their students.

Betsey Devos, our new Education Secretary has almost no experience with public education, and is an insult to the years of blood, sweat and tears every public school teacher out there has given to their profession.


The work is rewarding, but make no mistake about it, this is not a an cushy gig. Teachers are dealing with overflowing classes of students–each with differing abilities, emotional and academic challenges. They have requirements they must teach to. Additionally, it’s more and more common to have to worry about whether kids have been fed, whether they have slept, whether they feel safe. And the job doesn’t end when the bell rings, teachers have enormous amounts of preparation and homework themselves. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly awesome hours. Teaching is a full time job, and a low paying one at that.

My gratitude today goes to all the teachers in my family (Susan, Barbara, Aunt Chris, Uncle Louie, Aunt Theresa, Nancy, Andy, Gene, Connie, Mary, Phil, Tina, Anthony & Fran,  GOD I HOPE I DIDN’T MISS ANYBODY!) who I watched, year after year, make learning something interesting for their students.  Thanks to them. Thanks to all the teachers I’ve had, and know (Ginny, Cathy, Jennifer, Sally, Barry, Mirelle, Sandra, Ellen & Maura to name a few). Your life’s work deserves better than this horrible FAIL.


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