gratitude-a-thon day 1024: here comes the sun (and not a moment too soon)


Sweet Jesus, the sun can change a person’s mind. I mean, just when I was about to send dead crocuses to every weather man out there, boom, temperatures rise, the sun shows up and my deadened soul is all like, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On.

With every winter I (slimly) make it through, I wonder when it will be that I will give up on New England and just be done with it. I wonder when I will abandon the four seasons that are really just two (winter and summer), throw caution to the nor’easter wind and move South.


Then I remember the political climate, and I understand that there is more than just weather to consider.

I live in a bubble. It’s probably not the time to pack it in, just now. I will store my four down coats, and keep rooting for the sun to get out of hiding. Yep, for now New England’s mentality will have to keep me warm.


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