gratitude-a-thon day 1020: buh-bye bill

Just boys being boys (God knows what female they’re debasing in this picture).

Finally. Finally Bill O’Reilly is getting what he should have gotten long ago–the ax. I’m only sorry that every woman in the United States wasn’t able to scream at the exact same time: “You’re fired.” (Hey, maybe we’ll get to do that for that piece of human waste in the White House. A girl can dream…..).

It’s pretty amazing that despicable, hard right cable station, Fox News, who routinely lies, and gives people like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter a soap box, has taken action against sexual harassment, when our own country made a guy with the same profile, president of the United States. Things are seriously off right now. Is Mercury in retrograde again?
You do realize that just like, a week ago, Trump is quoted as saying “Bill O’Reilly did nothing wrong.” This, during Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. Go ahead, laugh, it’s so totally absurd, it’s like a good set from Louis C.K.
Major gratitude for this bit of enlightenment over at Fox. Did it take forever? Sure, but at least O’Reilly has been outed publicly, although don’t be surprised if his good friend in the Oval makes us believe otherwise. After all, lying is what he does best.

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