gratitude-a-thon day 1041: we see you, donald

The emoluments issue is one of the strongest cases for impeachment of our current prez (but we have plenty of back-ups).

I droll on about Trump a lot here. It’s one of the reasons I stopped writing every day, because, duh, even those of us, who feel that true mental illness has taken over the White House, don’t want to be reminded every minute, plus we have “breaking news” every second,  and like, 1,298,398 sites and papers, magazines and networks to inform us of the travesty that we’re living, so it’s not like you’re uninformed.

Anyway, this was a banner week in cuckoo land, and I am feeling pretty hopeful, that although this may take a while, finally, there is an adult looking under a microscope at that hiney in the Oval. This has honestly improved the moods of everyone I know. “Anti-depressant prescriptions plummet”, says Wall Street Journal (See how well I’ve learned how to lie because of this administration’s modeling–The WSJ said no such thing.).

This is Marian. She’s been tirelessly working for the cause. Take learn more, take a trip over to

I did want to just mention my gratitude for a really great organization. A few days ago, Brookline invited Ben Clements, Board Chair and Ron Fein, Legal Director of Free Speech for People to discuss why Congress should start an impeachment investigation now. They are super smart, (and either would be a better POTUS than the one we have–of course the lemon tree in my living room would be a better POTUS that the one we have). The Brookline Board of Selectmen voted unanimously last week for an Impeachment Resolution, which next week goes to Town Meeting for a vote. If it passes (and it will), this will mean we join Cambridge, Amherst and a host of other cities and towns who have sent Congress a resolution to begin an impeachment investigation this very minute, if not sooner.

I would also like to give a shoutout to my friend Marian Klausner, who got me involved, and has been doing a lot to get rid of that man (with due respect to real men everywhere) who is the Commander-in-Chi……(I’m sorry, every time I think of him as the head of our country, I have to laugh).

So, weather is good, grown-ups are looking at President Cray Cray and the weekend is coming. Happy fucking Friday, people.

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