gratitude-a-thon day 1078: faithful flowers: happiness is a new backyard

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, it feels more important than ever to have a place that settles your mind. I got lucky this summer when I hired Faithful Flowers to redo my tiny backyard. It not only looks amazing, this company was a total pleasure to work with. And damn it, when someone does a good job, you need to shout about it, so here is me yelling!


First of all, my yard was a disaster. The tiny play house, which had morphed into a storage space over time and which we’d had for a decade was falling apart, which was not a good look. Our large trees were giving off more shade than Ana Navarro throws at Trump every day on Twitter, not allowing the grass to grow. It was a hot mess.


Faith and a few of the incredibly fabulous staff at FF.


Enter Faith and her awesome team from Faithful Flowers. From the minute we sat down to discuss the project, I knew that Faith was knowledgeable and collaborative. Never pushy, always reasonable and very responsive, Faith was all over every aspect of the job from start to finish.


Riley is THOROUGHLY enjoying his new backyard.


I am wildly grateful to have chosen such a smart and professional team to take on this project. My yard is like having a whole other room. We’re going to be out there in December. Christmas in the yard, kids!  Thanks to everyone at Faithful Flowers. I could not be happier (well, you know unless the president got impeached).


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