gratitude-a-thon day 1090: change the world, say hello


Yesterday I realized that while I was driving, I was waving people to go ahead of me. I was trying to be extra polite in the grocery store, saying big thank you’s and smiling at people. No, I don’t think anybody had come into my house and switched my vitamins for Ecstasy. But what I do think is that the world seems out of its ever loving mind right now, and it feels intuitively right to try and sweeten up my immediate surroundings. I don’t have to fall for the president’s tweets. I don’t have to tangle with Mother Nature’s fury. I don’t have to bow to the crazy of a man in a hotel room shooting down at a people grooving to a country concert.

I implore you to try and be a little nicer to your fellow strangers today (and tomorrow and the next day). I think it’s the very least we can all do for each other. The violence and out of control wackiness that is politics and weather right now is out of our control. But our own actions, our own way of being out there, it’s all ours.



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