gratitude-a-thon day 2001: feeling better


I had some sort of ridiculous sinus infection, followed by what now apprears to have been a virus for the past six weeks (confirmed by two visists to primary care physician, one to ENT, one sinus CAT scan and two ineffective rounds of antibiotics with a side of steroids) which had me battling a headache nearly every day. NEARLY. EVERY. DAY. Sometimes the headaches became migraines with a double helping of nausea. I even had two ocular migraines in one week, that made my hands shake (for those of you who don’t know about this fresh hell, here you go: your eyes are blinded with flashing lights that zigzag and form starbursts and other bizarre shapes  for about half an hour before you get the pain. Think major lightning storm meets LSD trip.


It is time for a fucking parade! The No Headache Parade, in which all the wonderful things in life march down the middle of my street. Because by the time this headache virus thingy had reached the six week mark, I had forgotten there was anything wonderful in the world.  Life had become one big oversized vat of grotesque smelly garbage, much like the current presidency. Yes, that bad. Maybe even worse. Although I don’t know if there is worse, so scratch that.

Anyway, cue up the drum corp. and get the baton twirlers, line up the coffee, the yoga class, kindness from a stranger, the multi-colored leaves, especially the red ones, a heaping plate of pasta smothered in Bolognese, blue skies, a walk by the water and a great book, the I DO NOT HAVE A HEADACHE parade is about to start. And not a moment too fucking soon, might I add.


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