gratitude-a-thon day 2027: gratitude forward


Sometimes it’s just the trees when a breeze floats through them that can make me connect with myself and remember how extraordinary life can be. Other times, it’s my dog looking at me in a knowing way, and like he is getting his vocal chords ready and will talk to me at any moment. A hot bath brings on a gratitude deep in my bones. A meal that is both decadently delicious and healthy is gratitude on steroids. A movie that I can get lost in, a rug that’s thick and allows my feet to sink deep down into it. That’s what I’m talking about.

With all the ugliness and sadness this week (and every fucking week–when will the next mass shooting happen–coming soon), I have to work harder to remember to stop myself in my tracks and take in the beauty and gear up the gratitude.

I look up at the blue sky this morning and it is a sky of hope. I immediately think about all the families who just lost their children because they went to school. And then I feel guilty and bad that I’d even think of possibility in a sky of blue.

But there is room for both. To feel sadness and hope, too. And I’m pretty sure that’s our way forward, to remember, to take action, but also to appreciate, to notice, to allow the good to inhabit us in the face of catastrophe. This is our job. This is how we stay balanced to get the work done. Gratitude forward.

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