gratitude-a-thon day 2030: rain


Today there is supposed to be a bombogenesis rain storm. I never even knew this kind of storm existed before this year and now we’ve had two in just a couple months (thank you, climate change). But rain, rain is good (wind, not so much).

First of all rain is all, stay inside, get shit done, read by a fire, stay in bed. Rain is soup and clean your closet and laze around. Rain give you time to think. Rain is a particular smell at the ocean that makes me feel woozy with happiness. Rain is flowers. Yes! Flowers!

Riley is still in his cone on account of the cyst that burst on his backside after a biopsy (which was benign). I am slightly afraid of taking him out today because I think he could become the flying nun.

But this makes me laugh. So, like I’m grateful for the rain today. Every drop. And all it offers and does.

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