gratitude-a-thon day 2039: mystery


Last night I watched the finale of Here & Now, an Alan Ball HBO series that’s part This is Us, part eerie what-the-hell-is-happening. I loved it.

But in the end, it didn’t deliver the “ohhhhhhhhh, I get it” moment I was looking for. I started to get that duped Lost finale feeling. But then, I watched the after the show clip, and Alan Ball said something really interesting, which was something to the effect of, there being a lot of things in life that are a mystery, that we just can’t know, and that fascinates him and what he explored in this show. Somehow all my bad feelings about not getting a tidy boxed up ending disappeared and I thought, “yeah, there is a lot of mysterious shit in the world, that can never be explained, and that is actually one of the most interesting things that exist–the mystery of it all.

Like how is it that when we’re in utero, we know to put our nose on our face and not our leg? How do ants communicate with each other to build something? Why IS the sky blue? How do plants make it through winter underground and know exactly when to pop their heads back up? What makes time feel like it’s going fast or slow? When a dog barks is he actually saying something smarter than you’re saying? How do birds fly? And Jesus, God, why can’t we get rid of cellulite?

Gratitude for all those things that are out there and unknown, just on the edge of knowledge, close to the crazy. Yes, there are things Google doesn’t know, and none of us know either, and I’m with Alan Ball, that makes me somehow excited.

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