gratitude-a-thon day 2041: gratitude unlimited


Walking around the world just looking at what nature’s up to, always makes me feel a deep sense of how-can-that-even-be gratitude.


Something that I love about gratitude (besides everything) is that it’s unlimited. While there are repeat categories for me, where the same thing is what I’m grateful for over and over again (that first sip of coffee, for instance, the sun up there in the sky, the calm of the beach, the whole of Italy, crusty bread, al dente pasta, the best person I know–my dog, my family, my friends, a hot bath with that lavender stuff from Whole Foods, music, flowers, when I wake up feeling thin, my oldest friend, a good protest sign), there is a literal cornucopia of things, experiences, people and places to be appreciated, to give you a deep thanks-who-ever-arranged-this feeling of gratitude.


Cute shoes that are comfortable, a tweet that wipes that smug and stupid smile of the president’s face, a sweet, old picture, a story about my mom, a good, hard laugh where I think I wish I’d had some diapers on, because it was that funny, an artist, a person who perpetually does good.


There are tiny miracles happening all over the place. We just have to notice them. We just have to log them into our brain to help it understand that there is good, no spectacular, all around us. All around us. All the time.

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