gratitude-a-thon day 2059: home of the brave


The opposite of an administration that separates migrant children from their parents and puts them into cages? ‘The Thai Navy Seals and all the other courageous people who helped to save the 12 kids from the Wild Boar soccer Team and their coach. Jesus, Joseph and Mary, get a load of what courage and integrity is, Donald Trump.

I am both filled with relief and flooded with admiration for these brave dudes in wetsuits who clearly knew they were risking their lives to save these kids and still, day after day, oxygen tank after oxygen tank, headed into a cave where they were well aware that they could lose their lives. (Sometimes in the middle of the night, I’m afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark).

Bravery is a funny thing. The Seals are clearly risk-your-life brave. And I couldn’t be more impressed with their heroic measures. These guys are superhero brave, firemen and policemen brave, soldier brave, mama bear brave. And it fills me with hope and optimism and a good feeling, like a fizzy gingerale feeling, in my heart to think there are people in the world like this. I am going to focus on these guys for days.

But there are brave people all around us. Single moms, critically ill people who fight like hell for another day, those who carry the burdens of abuse, loneliness, addiction on their shoulders like eighteen wheelers. What about people who have to bear loss–of innocence, of loved ones, of a place to live. There is bravery all around us, everyday courage. These are heroes too. They carry on and smile in the face of fuck you. They walk past you in the grocery store, on the street, but you don’t know what they hold, what they  live with, just exactly the kind of bravery they employ, just to endure.

Gratitude, so much gratitude, a big pile of gratitude as big as the moon to the brave. Whoever you are, wherever you are, but today, most especially to the Seal gang. Talk about “helpers.” Mr. Rogers would be proud.





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