gratitude-a-thon day 2033: egg in your face


That is a big bowl of possibilities.


I am an egg person. In fact, I am a breakfast person. If I had to eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner that would be A-ok with me. And if you threw in some pasta, bread and a potato chip or two, I’d think I died and went to heaven and that was the menu and they should really advertise the food because egg people would be ecstatically elated. Yee-haw.

First of all, all sorts of gratitude for the versatility of the egg. They are the Swiss Army Knife of the food world. You got your scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, your broken yoke, poached, hard and soft boiled, your omelet. They love a vegetable in their midst. They make the finest sandwich with bacon and cheese and avocado. Mix with mayo and onion and celery, and egg salad nirvana. Some people do the whole egg on a burger. which gets a no vote from me, but it does speak to the egg winning the moniker “Miss Versatility,” right?

Lately I’ve been all about egg sandwiches. Every morning I make a broken yolk egg with a slice of cheddar melted on top, a crisp piece of turkey bacon and put it all on a super toasted gluten-free Glutino english muffin, which looks like it wouldn’t be good, because it’s yellow, but is equally as scrumpdillyicious as a Thomas’, not even kidding. This thing not only keeps me going, it gets me outta bed. It’s like coffee in food form. And in these days of political strife, anything that not only gets you outta bed, but makes you smile, bam, is worth its weight in egg.



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