gratitude-a-thon day 2056: community

Sometimes when I have a lot of writing work, I neglect my blog.

Sometimes when I have a lot of emotional stuff going on, I neglect it, too.

Sometimes I have both and then, it’s just forget it. I mean, we here at the gratitudeathon (meaning me here at the gratitudeathon) have strict rules (not at all), so if we need some time off, we just take it.

Anywho, my gratitude runneth over lately. In short, Sam, a boy I watched grow up with my son, a neighbor and superstar athlete and student was in a skiing accident and broke his back and is now a paraplegic. This brought me to my knees. I was thrown by it. It made me question life and all its random ass-ness.

But here’s the gratitude part. Our community has rallied in a most lovely way. A fund for Sam has raised almost $80,000. I arranged a dinner sign up so the parents wouldn’t have to cook, and people filled up those slots in no time, flat. Everybody wants to make this transition easier, everybody is pulling for Sam. And this, in the time of Trump especially, made me feel a deep sense of gratitude that the best in people came out here, that kindness is alive, that community matters, that we are all we’ve got. And that’s a lot.

Sam, by the way, has always been exceptional, and so it’s no surprise that he is crushing the rehab game. He seems to be taking on this challenge with the grit and determination he has taken on every other thing in his life. He’s kind of amazing.

And so are his parents, who are positive and by his side. This is nothing anybody wants to have happen, but you just have to love Sam and his family for their attitude. And I do.

If you’d like to give some money, it would be so appreciated and extremely well spent. Plus, you would become my favorite person in the entire world. There’s no amount that’s too small and there’s no amount that’s too big!

Gratitude x 8,087,209,012,984,987 for this community I live in, for Sam’s positivity, for this family’s example.

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