gratitude-a-thon day 2067: your choice


There are two ways of looking at something always.

There is one way that limits us, steals our hope like a thief in the night, poking at our vulnerability until we scream “Uncle,” in a high pitched voice. This is pessimism at its core, the equal opportunity robber who demands darkness and fear. The glass that’s half empty.

There is another way, which shouts possibility as loudly Trump shouts racist rants and lies. Optimism makes us buoyant and light, it keeps our eyes on the possible prize. It states simply, “You can, go ahead and hope, believe in maybe, the glass really is half full.”

Each day, with every situation we face, we have a choice to wear the dark side, or tout the light. It’s not external, it’s an inside game. It’s your brain, it’s your choice.

I constantly have to remind myself of this. I redirect like a cop at a busy intersection. You can too. And gratitude for that.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 2067: your choice

  1. My favorite saying: “In the end, the Pessimist may be proved correct; but the Optimist will have had a better trip along the way…”

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