gratitude-a-thon day 2071:when your fantasy all of a sudden becomes real



Ever get really sick and then when you’re better you just look at the world like it’s all new again? I had a virus for the last few weeks that kicked my ass around the block. It had me in bed panting for air, coughing like a smoker and aching like a prize fighter. And the exhaustion–I sincerely wondered if I might have actually died and nobody informed me.

Anyway, look at the flowers! (Ok, so they’re on their way out, but right this minute, they’re walking the runway and flaunting their wares like the supermodels of the 80’s–still obsessed with Linda Evangalista’s short do, but I digress…). My hydrangea runneth over. But what’s really extraordinary and the absolute show stopper is my clematis (no, not my clitoris), my gorgeous climbing tiny white flowered vine. I have always been madly in love with this flower. I have also always wanted an arched arbor with this flower smothering it in blooms. Always. Like forever.

And now I have one of my very own, thanks to my super sweet sister Susan, who gave this to me as a gift (and it was such a surprise because she went to my landscape genius and had it delivered)! and of course the amazing Brandy at Faithful Flowers. She’s been guiding my vivacious vine to climb like it’s part of a Mount Everest adventure group. I just want to sit in my tiny backyard and stare at it. It won’t last long, but it’s nice when a dream comes out of your head and into your real life. Clematitude.


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