Gratitude-a-thon day 3,000: walking the walk


I’m a caucasian woman in her early 60’s, raised by a Jewish dad and an Italian Catholic mom. Both sets of my grandparents were immigrants. I live a life of white privilege because of my skin color. Not because I wouldn’t like to, but I can never understand the black experience first-hand. But what I do understand is the outrage, the pain, and the sadness about not only the way George Floyd died, but the bigger issue of racism in our country.

What I do understand is that I am not intentionally part of the problem, but nonetheless unwittingly complicit.

What I do know,

is how much I don’t know.

And what I do know is that it’s time for me to stop saying “I’m not a racist,” and start educating myself on how I can be an ally to the black community. For someone who is as liberal as I am, who grew up with parents who taught me that skin color and religion didn’t matter, to always help others, I am embarrassed to say I am not doing enough.

Are you? Are you doing enough?

What I do know is that this is my smack in the face to wake up and get moving. And I plan on it. I will read. I will watch. I will listen. I will think. I will ask questions. I will learn. I will use my voice in a positive way.

This is what I can do to honor George Floyd. This is what I can do to be part of the solution.

This is what I can do. And I will do it.

Yesterday I began reading The New Jim Crow. I donated to The Minnesota Freedom Fund. What are you doing? How are you helping? Please share. We all need to do better. This isn’t just a black issue, it’s a human issue.

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