gratitude-a-thon day 2035: masks down

Shall we sing the Hallelujah chorus together replacing “Hallelujah” with “No more masks?” Should we have a mask burning ceremony? Should we make mosaic art our of our favorite face coverings? I’m considering all. Leaning toward the singing, although it would have to be by myself in my car, in a secluded area, because have you ever HEARD me sing. Yeah, and you don’t want to.

Despite the CDC announcing that if you’re vaxxed, you no longer have to wear masks in or outside, I live in a town where it’s still mandated, so for now, I will still be elasticizing my ears and covering up my mouth with one of the dozens and dozens of mask I’ve amassed this past year. But I am buoyed and REALLY grateful by this ditch the masks news because hell, that means Covid numbers are slowing down and vaccinations seem to be working.

It also means freedom from the intense fear and isolation of Covid hibernation. I can ‘t wait to walk down the street without feeling like I can’t breathe and if I do breathe, I might be taking in someone’s Corona droplets, which might cause me to get the virus, which might end in me on a ventilator, never getting to see what happens at the end of The Handmaid’s Tale.

So, yeah, congratulations people, we made it. The future is unknown, but for right now, you can take off your mask, or not. Having that choice is something to give an unmasked toast to.

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