gratitude-a-thon day 2081: taste like chicken

Hey, have you heard about this whole TikTok Nyquil Chicken Challenge thing? For the love of sweet baby Jesus, can you even? I mean, honestly, even when my nose is running like the falls at Niagra and my throat feels like a cat is walking up and down it with her claws and I feel like someone is setting off fireworks in my head, I hate the taste of Nyquil, so you can bet that I am not going to chef up a meal with it. Besides, what do people say when they eat it, “Taste like chicken?”

Wondering what’s next–Botox Bacon, Tylenol Toast, Advil Apple Pie (it is fall, after all)?

There are so many absolutely cock-a-doodle-do crazy things on social platforms, that it truly is hard to grasp. But all you have to do is click on Instagram and Facebook, which, by the way, “are for old people like your grandmother’s grandmother now” to see what the world is gabbing about. if you really want to know what’s hot and trending though, you have to go to TikTok, or Twitter. They’re the platforms that are currently delivering.

I have been on Facebook for a long time. And I stay in touch with a bunch of people that way. I have also been on Instagram for a good amount of time, as well. And there are some different people I stay in touch with there. I would say that both of these platforms have already lived their best lives. There are, however, still plenty of people who post and respond regularly there and many businesses continue to use both to grow and connect with their clients successfully.

Twitter is the place I go for news. I have my feed all set up to read those I think are smart and in the know and know the dirt, especially politically. Also, Twitter has some pretty astute and funny people who can get me from zero to laughing in just 280 characters. if something big happens where I live, I troll Twitter to see if I can find out the scoop. (“Why are there four helicopters over my house?) Also, if there’s something newsworthy that’s just breaking anywhere in the world, I always hit Twitter because someone was on the scene and is usually quick to post. And, a little trick I learned a few years ago is that if you really want to get a company’s attention concerning an issue, throw them a negative Tweet and click on your phone’s stopwatch and see how long it takes for them to respond. I’ve gotten some real satisfaction this way, when I couldn’t reach a company any other way. As for TikTok, I can fall down the big internet hole over there because there’s such a wide range of stuff to learn. Oh, a lot of it is a big trash heap ready for the town dump, but loads of people create content that’s useful and educational and can help you live a better life, or even just teach you how to put contour on your face.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t just mention that I’m not mentioning the fact that social media has destroyed lives, attention spans and spread more political lies than the Trump family. But this post is about chicken and not about Zuckerberg and his questionable morals, or the general decline of the planet….

Anyway, so just don’t eat the chicken with the Nyquil. Ok? It’s really bad for you and super dangerous. Here’s what the NYT has to say about the whole absurd thing. No major gratitude announcement today, just a little public service announcement poking fun at the loco world we live in. (Sometimes just laughing at it all, is gratitude enough.) Have a chicken-free Thursday.

gratitude-a-thon day 2080: the good, the bad & the ugly: the emmy’s

I had a late hair appointment last night when a critical text came from my sister. “FASHION ALERT: THE EMMY’S ARE ON TONIGHT.” How did I miss this? If having a new puppy, obsessing over a work project, and following the trials and tribulations of our former president with hope and glee means I don’t even know there’s a major red carpet happening, then let’s face it, I need a reboot. STAT.



As star of The Flight Attendant, I expected more from a fashion A-lister than this major air disaster. This bad mark from from a girl who would marry a piece of tulle, if I weren’t already married. “This is your Captain speaking, get some highlights in your hair and rethink your fashion choices before the next flight.”


Forget Killing Eve, this schmatta was killing me. Did she steal this from Prince’s closet, or what?


I really like this dress, except for the triangular piece of fabric that’s missing. We know you have a cute belly button. We know you have a flat tum tum. What we don’t know is why a double nominee would wear something even Ruth would’ve turned her nose up at.


The color is like the walls of a bad dental office. The top fits, but the grazing tulle, a fabric I’d truly like to wear daily, just doesn’t make her larger than the average bear’s boobies look supported. There are toooooooooooo maaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnny ruffffffffffffffffffffffffffles. It’s kinda like a souped up peignoir set Laura might wear on the Dick Van Dyke show on a night when she really wanted to get some.


The top of this dress looks like a priest married a Christmas Tree Skirt. Wendy might have gotten away with it on Ozark, but Laura, we’re just not having it.


I don’t love the dress, but it wouldn’t be on the “worst” list if it weren’t for the hair. This is the girl whose mom puts those pink curlers all over her head the night before the school picture. This is the old lady around the corner who’s had this do since 1924. This is the worst hair since the Bride of Frankenstein.



in the category of “go big or go home,” this very elaborate red number was volumes of tulle, (which by now you know my deeply intense adoration of), was a major hit in my book. The color was stunning, the layers and layers of heavenly ruffles were fun and exciting. This is a girl who made a very big entrance, and I for one was so there for it.


The only thing that could fit Lily better is her skin. This is a gorgeous silhouette and a fabulous sparkly color that matched her hair like they were dyed together. This is a head-to-toe SLAM DUNK 10.


I think Reese knows her bod and what works and what doesn’t. This worked like Merrick Garland is working to put Trump away. Ba-bam, that blue is everything. Great shoe. And i love the volume on this stick straight hair.


This one, she is up there on the style stairway that leads to heaven. It’s so often that a strapless goes wrong, with either too much boob hanging out, or an emphasis on how little is there. This classic black is all loveliness. I do not like the hair, but everything else was so good, I couldn’t take off points.


This subtle pink bling fabric perked up Amanda’s natural pale skin in a beautiful way. I love that delicate piece of tulle (I KNOW, I am talking tulle again, and you’re wondering if I’ll ever stop) at the top. The whole thing screams Merriam Webster’s definition of “pretty.”

Ok, what was your fave? Who did you hate? Spill, please.

gratitude-a-thon day 2079: what i know about marriage

We got married on Labor Day. We joked it would remind us that marriage is work!

That was 35 years ago today.

And although we thought it was funny all those years ago, we were perfectly right. Marriage is work. A lot of work.

Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned while I’ve been on this rollercoaster ride:

  1. Love is the foundation. We fell in love at first sight. Yup, it really happens. We were both smitten immediately. I told a friend the next day, “I just met the guy I’m gonna marry.” The beginning was a long-distance Boston/New York romance. We walked every square inch of both cities. Everything felt like when The Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color. As time wore on, the magical newness love became genuine caring love. As we, early on, faced things like my mom’s illness and death, and infertility, it was the basic, deep-down love we had for one another that sustained us. It will change and go in and out and up and down, but it must remain. Love is not all you need in a marriage, but a marriage won’t last without it.
  2. Respect yourself and each other. Sing it Aretha. A marriage without respect is going to crash and burn faster than you can say “Do you know a good divorce attorney.” This is the part where you both have to make sure you’re independently doing and being what gives your lives meaning and giving one another the encouragement of like, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I don’t mean you have to want to do or feel what the other does, you just have to believe in them enough to be cool with whatever it is. ALSO, you have to both respect the third party–the marriage. Treat it as its own entity. There’s you and there’s your partner and there’s your marriage and all three need their due.
  3. Trust me. If you don’t feel safe in a marriage, trouble is coming for you. If you think your partner isn’t doing what’s best for both you and your relationship, things aren’t going to last long. If either of you is in a constant state of curiosity about the other’s commitment, it’s dooms day.
  4. Honestly. Lies aren’t welcome here. Be truthful with your partner. Whether it’s something you don’t like that they’re doing, or someone you see that you fall in love with, don’t go sneaking around behind their back. If you had enough respect and love to marry your spouse in front of all the people who mean the most to you in the world, then have that same respect and love to be honest with your partner. The end.
  5. I do and I will. Commitment means that barring a major natural disaster that renders you helpless or dead, you will be there for one another and the marriage. No questions asked, no considering otherwise, no kidding. This is not for the faint of heart. We’ve faced some tough stuff during our more than three decades. And every marriage will. But this is where you show one another what you’re made of and that you and your marriage are as important to one another as you are to yourselves.
  6. Laugh. Life is amazing and horrible and fun and mean and miraculous and cruel and incredible. And so is marriage. If you’re not laughing at yourselves and your marriage, you’d better get packing and look for a new place to live on another planet.
  7. Make time for one another and have some fun for crying out loud. Having a good time together is always important, but especially after you have kids, who can easily demand every second from you. Get a babysitter and have a once a week date night when they’re little. It feels impossible, but even if it’s a couple hours, on a walk, for lunch or dinner, at a coffee shop, do it. DEMAND IT. We need fun to fuel us. Make time to enjoy each other independently. It matters. A lot.
  8. Make new friend, but keep the old. Have couple friends and independent friends and pay attention to each. Friends are good for marriage because their good for people. Sometimes a friend can see what you can’t and help you through a rough patch. Couple friends can make you stronger. (NOTE: Couple friends can get divorced and this will cause your marriage suffering. It’s really hard……)
  9. Do stuff together and apart. It’s great to have shared interests, or to create some. Doing things together can give you a sense of, well, togetherness. Whether you’re both movie maniacs, music buffs, or golfers, go and do as a couple. But also, make sure to do what your spouse doesn’t, as well. Staying independent is good for staying together.
  10. Fuck. Whether you have sex twice a day, or once a month, maintaining a physical relationship is vital. It bonds you and makes you feel connected in a way nothing else does.

I’m no expert, but I know a little something having kept this ship afloat for this long! And now I say to Peter, thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for all the times you’ve been positive when I’ve been realistic. Thank you for standing by me like a glue stick. Thank you for always loving me and our children and our dogs. Thank you for believing in me, at times, more than I believed in myself. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for making me laugh. I love you. Here’s to the next 35.